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Latest SLA Collection by Sharmooz Inspired by Dreamy Moonlight

Designer Asri Welas

The SLA Collection by Sharmooz in New York Fashion Week at the Couture Fashion Week.

The hues and shapes of moonlight inspired the latest SLA Collection. Moonlight draws you in with calm colors and mood altering dimensions. The clean lines of the collection offer leg-lengthening flares with an effortless chic style. The minimalistic designs are comfortable made from soft premium textiles that add an elegant style and slimming silhouette for the clientele.

Ann Tillage is the founder and owner of Sharmooz Los Angeles, a boutique company that specializes in Satin Beauty Accessories and Designer Collections. She is a native of Los Angeles, and the third generation in a family of seamstresses, tailors, and fashion forward entrepreneurial-minded women.

Ms. Tillage’s passion for sewing was reignited after having children and designing for other mothers. This became the catalyst for launching a successful brand. Sharmooz Los Angeles attributes its success to its stellar reputation for delivering exceptionally tailored work to its worldwide customer base. The brand has been featured in blogs, prestigious local and national magazines, national radio programs, FOX Small Business, CBS, the silver screen, and worn by celebrities. Ms. Tillage was also featured on a billboard advertisement for the American Cancer Society’s “More Birthdays” campaign and has received an award for her community service work.