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Maty Machado swimwear



MatyMachado swimwear is a Colombo/American brand, aimed at satisfying the dreams of women and men who wants to feel free, sexy and outstanding in all its expression.

MatyMachado inspiration is based on elegance, comfort and freedom with a concept of highly unique, sensual and creative fashion.

MatyMachado impose high quality garments quite progressively, we offer a wide range of colors and bold prints, and added new look for the best development to the brand.

The concept designs glamorous, fun, exotic, sensual and romantic; Garments made with unique thoughts attracting any kind of public, stylized silhouettes, cuts in different styles and creative hands that embellish the product with excellent workmanship where craftsmanship is sophisticated and glamorous, together with fantastic textures with an end product which is innovative with an approach for those seeking exclusivity in their swimsuits.